Welcome to Moonlight Shiba Inu  Puppies for Sale

We are a Heritage Breeder of the Shiba Inu, striving to produce the best of the Breed for the show conformation ring, dog sports, and healthy, stable family members. We breed to the AKC Shiba Inu Breed Standard, and as members, we have agreed to abide by the AKC rules and the National Shiba Club of America Code of Ethics. If you have any questions, we would be happy to help answer them as a steward of the Breed. Please stay away from pet stores or any breeders who sell to pet stores. Get your puppy or dogs from a reputable breeder.
I’ve been involved in Shiba’s for over 16 years and a business owner for over 20 years. I love my pups—and take finding them the right home very seriously.
I began showing dogs, which led to becoming involved deeply with the Breed.
Our puppies get the TLC that they need. We study them for 8-10 weeks. Then we match our puppies to the right home on our list.

All of our Shiba Inu are selected to have excellent temperaments, especially around children, as we have two young children, which is of utmost importance. If you decide you’d like to own a Japanese Shiba Inu, you can be assured that temperament has been a priority for our breedings. Keep in mind that Shiba Inu needs firm guidance to know what is right and wrong and is not a dog for the faint of heart. You must possess good leadership skills and execute training from a young age and well into adulthood. There is a lot of information on the Shiba Inu line, and potential buyers need to be well-versed in what to expect from the Shiba Inu breed. Though they are not for everyone, Shiba Inu can be a GREAT choice for the right families. For example, the Shiba Inu may not be for those that want a dog with a lab-like personality, that loves everyone instantaneously even if they are a potential threat, and retrieves balls till the sun goes down, never getting bored of it. But, like many things, the more you put into something, the more you will get back. Shiba Inu has a LOT of love to give and are, in my opinion, the epitome of what a dog should be. You respect them. They’ll do the same. Maintain consistent boundaries with them, and they will reward you with consistent behavior. They are great dogs; do your homework, as the shelters’ numbers are very disheartening. It’s only fair to the dog to be an aware buyer.

We only sell our Shiba Inu puppies to great loving homes as companion pets. All puppies come with AKC registration. We do sell Shiba Inu puppies to qualified and responsible Shiba Inu breeders who can meet our guidelines. We do not sell puppies to brokers, pet stores, backyard breeders, or puppy mills under any circumstance. We may ask many questions about where/what kind of homes our new Shiba Inu puppies will be joining so, please don’t get upset. We do this to guarantee our puppies are getting a great, loving forever home. Our puppies are very well socialized and raised with tons of love. We genuinely love our puppies, and we know you will also.

The Moonlight Shiba Inu team is terrific!

Especially I’d like to call our Shanna and Shawn, who were a great help in getting our Pup safely shipped over to us. I was very nervous being a first-time puppy daddy but the team patiently answered all my concerns. They did everything possible to ensure the safety of my Pup flying from the East Coast to the West Coast. Thorough professionals and extremely reliable and responsive! Thank you Moonlight Shiba Inu for helping us get our dream pup!!

Faisal Feroz


Great experience with getting our new puppy. Male Shiba Inu Puppy that we finally named Cooper. They were extremely friendly and helpful. Would recommend them.

Todd Lesk

Our family found a Shiba Inu Puppy we fell in love with on a Thursday and he was in our arms the next Tuesday. There were zero issues and Moonlight Shiba Inu definitely met and exceeded our expectations. our puppy was delivered to us via plane and there were no issues picking him up at the airport. We now have a happy and healthy addition to our family. Thank you again Keystone!